Relationship Reruns Media Interview Topics


Tanya would love to be a guest on your show to discuss her new book Relationship Reruns: How To Break The Cycle Of Choosing The Wrong People For The Right Relationships. Below are a few topics that are address in Relationship Reruns and a tentative show topic listing. Tanya welcomes additional topics from her book to discuss. Please call 502-836-9760 to schedule an interview.

I. “Why You Keep Falling For Mr. Wrong & Ms. Right Now
•Identify some reasons why people continue to deliberately choose the wrong love connections
•Define the concept of being “Happily Unhappy”
•Explore the concept of “dating down” and why men and women do it
•List the keys to choosing peaceful and healthy love connections

II. “Friends-How Many Of Us Really Have Them?”
•Discuss the difference between true friends and associates
•Identify the different categories of friends
•How to detect when a friendship has become toxic
•Explain how the “ABC” to developing fruitful friendships

III. “But I Thought You Were A Christian?”
•Uncover the true meaning of what is meant by being “unequally yoked”
•Discuss the 7 forces that bring people to church
•Explain what a “Godly Gangster” is and how to avoid them
•How to “PRAY” for the correct Christian connections

VI. “Before You Tell Your Boss To Take This Job and Shove It, Try This
•Recognize how to handle guerilla warfare in the workplace
•Learn how to calmly confront career criticism
•Connect the disconnection between employers and employees
•Make the most of the job you have until you find the job you really want

V. “Mind Your Business”
•How to detect the real motives of sales people
•How to protect yourself from financial molestation
•How to pick profitable business partners
•Identify the 5 golden nuggets to successful business partnerships

Relationship Reruns Is Rated R For
Being Real, Relevant and Refreshing!