Praise For Girl, You Can Win!



“Tanya White has tapped into the uncommonly known pitfalls and mistakes many of us make while pursuing a 'win' in our lives. Her words inspire us to become assured of one thing, that we are destined to win.” Christine Pembleton, Bestselling Author of Lord, I Am Ready to Be A Wife! -


“Every woman is destined to win, but for each woman who is in the race of life to win, Girl, You Can Win is their playbook. It is full of principles for living a winning life. Tanya White imparts insightful, inspirational and practical guidance for not just getting to the finish line, but crossing the line as a winner.” -Cheryl A. Pullins, Co-publisher of Victorious Living for Women-

“Tanya White has done it again! Her writings and personal coaching have convinced me that she genuinely cares about other women winning in life and she provides the tools to help us accomplish our goals.”-Rev. Nicole Barnes, Founder of Kingdom Charm School™ -


'Successful women are leaders and the best leaders are those who not only lead by example, but also prepare others to lead as well. When women see others with a winning spirit, whether they admit it or not, they do want the same thing. Tanya has captured the spirit of how successful women should not only position themselves to win, but their goal should also be to empower other women to do the same.'-Jaime Rohadfox, Founder of Women Of Divine Aspiration -


“Tanya White has written a brilliant piece of literary work that inspires all women to believe that they can win in all aspects of life. This empowering book reminds us that having a winning attitude is monumentally powerful in creating and living a winning life. Girl, You Can Win is a must read time and time again if you want to live as a winner and boldly walk in your divine greatness!” - Catrice M. Jackson, Speaker, Delicious Life Designer and Author of Delicious: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Living a Sweet, Sassy and Satisfied Life/Catriceology Enterprises, LLC -


'Tanya White hit the target right on with her book 'Girl, You Can Win'. In her book, you will learn everything you need to know about the importance of having the right mindset, the right people around you and the right resources to help you live your BEST LIFE! The good news is that everyone has the opportunity to live the life that God intended them to that is full of purpose, passion and faith. Tanya spells the HOW TO out clearly in her owe it to yourself to read every word and apply the principles. You WILL win in your life for sure!”-British Hill, Compass Life Coach and Presidential Ambassador -