6-Week Perseverance Bootcamp Teleconference

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THE YOU CANT QUIT NOW 6 WEEK PERSEVERANCE BOOTCAMP TELECONFERENCE will help you strengthen your emotional, social and professional muscles with the help of some of the greatest trainers and coaches from around the world.  CLICK LINK http://tanyawhite.com/Dot_StorePayPal.asp TO BUY THE BOOK. 


Topics & Co-trainers Are As Follows:

vanessa bw 1/19/14 Vanessa Collins, Indiana -  Author of Intensive Faith Therapy - www.VanessaCollins.me - PERSEVERE FOREVER & FOR ALWAYS: Tanya will be your dedicated perseverance trainer as she kicks off the bootcamp by revealing to you the 7 “U” factors of why your habit of quitting desperately needs to change immediately, how to discover and interpret your QUITTER QUOTIENT as well as how to finally birth a lifestyle of perseverance. Co-trainer, Vanessa Collins, the Intensive Faith Therapist, will equip you will the essential emotional, mental and spiritual tools you will need to intensely increase your faith even during times of trials, tribulations and afflictions. You are sure to position yourself to persevere forever and for always so that you will begin to manifest God’s promises and experience overflowing prosperity.

1/26/14 Ryeal Simms, California - Relationship Expert/Coach -
www.relationshipcoachryeal.com - PERSEVERE PAST YOUR “EXES”: Whether it is an ex-spouse, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, an ex-boss or an ex-best friend holding onto the residue and reminiscing about the handfuls of happy moments in any relationship is hazardous to the health of your perseverance. Tanya will identify the FOUR FATAL EXES that you should replace as well as the FIVE FRUITFUL EXES you should embrace. Co-trainer Ryeal Simms, The Relationship Coach, will be revved up to show you how to detox and heal your broken heart after the end of any important relationship. After this session, you are certain be courageous enough to not only eliminate unhealthy people from your life without guilt, but welcome healthy people in while surviving and thriving through the transition process.

2/2/14 Sherry Whitehouse- Kentucky - Healing Coach
www.sherrywhitehouse.com - PERSEVERE PAST THE PAIN OF YOUR PAST: Just like labor pains, life pains are meant to motivate you to continue pushing until you birth the great thing inside of you. Tanya will help you to overcome the issues that continuously keep you stuck in the pain of your past instead of allowing you to persevere in your present identity. Co-trainer, Sherry Whitehouse, Healing Coach is prepared to explain how necessary it is for you to heal from low expectations, negative experiences and anything from your past that makes you quit pursuing your goals and dreams. After this lesson, you will definitely remember that pain is designed to help you persevere not quit.

2/9/14 Dr. Lily Jenkins , Georgia -  Founder, Lady of Purpose Network www.ladyofpurpose.info - PERSEVERE IN YOUR PURPOSE: If you don’t your purpose you will not persevere in it. Subsequently, if you don’t know how to persevere you can never effectively operate in your purpose. As the bootcamp enters the home-stretch, Tanya will help you to position yourself to clearly clarify your purpose while helping you to develop the stamina to become a long-term champion instead of being satisfied with short-term wins. Co-trainer, Dr. Lily Jenkins, Founder of the Lady of Purpose Network, with her profound Godly wisdom will teach you the difference between your appetite for purpose and your appetite for power. By the end of this life-changing session you will not only know that your purpose is more than being busy using your gifts and talents, but you will realize that cultivating an impeccable character is critical to persevering in your purpose.

2/16/14 April Starks, Indiana - Certified Real Color Facilitator -  PERSEVERE IN YOUR REAL PERSONALITY: Oftentimes pain, rejection from those close to you and unrealistic expectations may make you camouflage who you truly are. Tanya will discuss how you should quit being someone you are not so that you can be fine with your God-designed shine. Co-trainer, April Starks, Certified Real Colors Facilitator is also going to briefly guide you through understanding your real color temperament, uncovering motivators to your temperament and how to effectively use your real color personality to have healthy interaction with others so that you can build stronger relationships. This is based on her riveting Real Colors Workshop.

Phyllis Clark, M.Ed. Kentucky - Life Coach -www.clarklifeconsortium.org - PERSEVERE BY WRITING A STRATEGIC PLAN WITH AN E.D.G.E This 6-week bootcamp is sure to go out with a BANG as Tanya helps you to tackle exactly why you continuously quit despite your passion, purpose and positioning yourself to persevere toward your goals. This session is all about STRATEGIC PLANNING WITH AN E.D.G.E. Co-trainer Phyllis Clark, Founder of Clark Life Consortium will equip you with the necessary nuggets of a successful written strategic plan of action with an E.D.G.E.

These DYNAMIC trainers/coaches and will definitely help
you to MANIFEST results in your life!

WHEN: January 19 & 26, 2014 & February 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2014

WHERE: The comfort of your own home via telephone or laptop for video conference 
TIME: 7:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. EST

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