How To Finish Writing A Book In 52 Days Or Less


Nehemiah Writing Seminar Extravaganza: 
How To Finish Writing A Book In 52 Days Or Less
Teleconference Series Syllabus




Nehemiah 6:15 'Even with all that interference, the wall was soon finished. It was the 25th day of Elul (which is the six month). The work had been accomplished in 52 days.' (The Voice Translation)


Just like Nehemiah finished rebuilding the wall, with focus, a loyal team of like-minded individuals pursuing the same goal, persistent prayer and supernatural perseverance YOU CAN START WRITING & FINISH YOUR BOOK IN 52 DAYS NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE STARTING IN THE WRITING PROCESS!

By the end of this writing seminar, which will be a combination of group teleconference and individual phone coaching sessions, you will finally have a completed manuscript that is ready to be published!


In these informative, interactive and engaging group sessions, participants will develop the professional confidence and writing tools needed to move them from turning their dream of being a published author into a reality.


The session topics will address the following:


Session #1: I Know I Have A Book Inside Me, But Can I Really Write It In 52 Days?:  This session will focus on building the writer within and helping you to establish a productive writing environment.  Tanya will empower and equip you with all the tools that you will need so that you will be confident about reaching your goal of writing/finishing your book in 52 days.  YOU CAN DO THIS!


Session #2: Don't Be Paralyzed, Just Get Your Book Organized!For many first time writers and authors, writing a book can be extremely overwhelming. You constantly battle questions such as 'Where do I start?', 'I don't have much material so how am I going to write a book?' or 'Where do I find the time to write?' These are legitimate questions but not properly answering these questions can stifle many people from birthing the book that God has already destined for them to write.


However, in this session Don't Be Paralyzed, Just Get Your Book Organized!, Tanya is going uncover the secrets that helped her write her popular book Girl, You Can Win: The 10 Highly Essential Habits Of A Winning Woman in just 3 weeks and her latest book You Can't Quit Now: How To Keep Going When You Really Feel Like Giving Up in just 6 weeks. After this session, you will be organized and optimistic that finishing your book in 52 days or less is a dream that will finally come true.


Session #3: Don't Be Frightened, Just Start Writing!The biggest fear for first time writers and authors is the actual thought of putting their thoughts on paper. However, people are not afraid of what to write but actually writing because putting things in writing holds you accountable to finish what you started. And to be honest, most people are fearful of accountability. But after this session, participants will not only confront their fears, but give their fears a TKO. In addition, participants will discover that to find out that they have more than enough material to finish their book.

Session #4: Don't Do Anything Grand, Just Create Your Brand!Creating a brand is not a grand gesture it is just connecting with people so that they will know who you are and what your primary message is.  In this session, you will begin to cultivate your brand as a writer and future author.  Tanya will also give you the 5 simple tips for building a network of loyal reading supporters who are ready to purchase your book even before it is finished.  


Session #5:  It’s A Writing Wrap!As the teleconference comes to a close, this session will review what you’ve learned over the past sessions and ask other questions to help you complete your goal. 


In the 2 individual coaching/planning sessions, participants will have one-on-one time with author Tanya White to:

  • Develop a realistic writing plan
  • Decide on a working book title and subtitle
  • Identify their book message that will motivate the masses
  • Write a book cover summary and discuss book cover vision
  • Create a 30-second commercial so that the author can start promoting the book even before it is published

Limited spots available to serious minded people who are truly ready to finish writing their book in 52 days or less.


This seminar requires that you:

  • Be open to the expert knowledge and relevant industry trends that Tanya White will be presenting
  • Be committed to attending every group session and individual coaching/planning session on time
  • Be able to complete and submit homework and writing assignments by the due date
  • Be willing to share in group sessions and encourage classmates

FOR ONLY $52 (plus paypal processing fee) YOU WILL FINISH YOUR BOOK IN 52 DAYS OR LESS! To reserve your spot, visit the online store at



WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS WRITING SEMINAR?  Those individuals who desire to write a book and are already currently writers, bloggers, teachers, Christian training teachers, preachers, pastors

WHEN IS THIS WRITING SEMINAR? Sunday nights at 7 PM EST.  Group sessions are on November 9, 16, 23 December 7, 14.  Individual coaching/planning sessions are scheduled individually.

WHERE IS THIS WRITING SEMINAR TAUGHT? All group and individual sessions will be taught video audio and/or video conferencing.  You do not need to leave the comfort of your home to learn how to finish your book in 52 days or less.

HOW MUCH DO I NEED TO INVEST IN THIS WRITING SEMINAR?  The financial investment for this seminar is at an economical price of $52 UNTIL 10/15/14 THEN IT WILL INCREASE TO $99 (Value for individual coaching plus group coaching is $375)

FOR ONLY $52 (plus tax ) YOU WILL FINISH YOUR BOOK IN 52 DAYS OR LESS! To reserve your spot, visit the online store at


Facilitator Bio:  Tanya White is an educator, speaker, life coach, trainer and a self-published author of 5 books which include such popular titles as You Can’t Quit Now: How To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up;  Relationship Reruns: How To Break The Cycle of Choosing The Wrong People For The Right Relationships;, Girl, You Can Win:  The 10 Highly Essential Habits of a Winning Woman.  For more information about Tanya White or to purchase one of her 5 books, please visit her website at