Yes, I Am Enough!

COMING 2018!

Am I good ENOUGH?  Am I thin ENOUGH?  Am I smart ENOUGH?  Am I attractive ENOUGH?  Am I qualified ENOUGH?


For most of my life, these and many other ENOUGH questions have constantly stalked my inner thoughts and unlawfully arrested my development personally, professionally and socially.  When presented with life-changing opportunities, I usually became secure in my insecurities. I would start asking myself a barrage of self-defeating ENOUGH questions that quickly had me spiraling into a cycle of unnecessary doubt, worry, fear and anxiety. However, this came to an abrupt halt when an impromptu intervention was coordinated by me, myself and I so that I could honestly ask and boldly answer another ENOUGH question:


As you dive into this book, YES, I AM ENOUGH will rapidly become your resounding declaration which leads you from doubtto determination. With each page that you turn, YES I AM ENOUGH will change into your personal fight song that frees you from the frustration of living your life to please others.  These four words, YES, I AM ENOUGH will snatch you from lingering in the perils of procrastination to pursuing your biggest dreams and deepest desires.

Yes, I Am Enough!:  The 10 Undeniable TruthsFor Loving Who You Are Now and Who You Are Destined To Become Later is certain to saturate you with a new found confidence. It will have you dancing towards your destiny with vigor, vitality andlaser focus. By the time you close this book, you will stop internalizing your “I am not enoughisms” and start oozing with such magnetic phenomenalism that you will grow in humble graciousness from saying YES, I AM ENOUGH to believing that YES, I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH !


-TanyaWhite, from the Introduction