Tanya's Biography

GO-GETTER, TRAILBLAZER, VISIONARY, TRENDSETTER are just a few words that describe L'Tanya White who is called Tanya by most friends and family. As an author, empowerment speaker, radio host, life enhancement strategist and relationship coach, Tanya’s talks are always RATED R for being Real, Relevant And Refreshing.

Whether she is broadcasting to thousands on her popular radio show Real Talk With Tanya White, speaking to hundreds or coaching individuals and groups her purpose remains the same-To change people’s “No I Can’t” attitudes into “Yes I Can” actions which will eventually lead to “Yes I Did” accomplishments.   Tanya has an exhilarating presence that compels men and women to kick down the doors of ordinary living to transcend to greater levels of extraordinary personal and holistic success.


Tanya's passion is to teach, empower and inspire people to walk boldly to fulfill their destiny. She does this through her speaking, workshop facilitation, writing in local churches as well as events throughout the local community.

While teaching bible study classes for almost 10 years to Christian singles at one of Louisville’s largest African American churches were she was also licensed as a minister in 2001, Tanya continuously inspired men and women to boldly fulfill their destiny through cultivating healthy relationships with God, themselves and other people. She continues to challenge people to develop healthy relationships by resolving past issues, building self confidence, setting relationship boundaries and expectations, calmly confronting conflict and engaging in honest and effective communication.

In December 2005, Tanya’s pain, purpose and passion birthed another dimension of her destiny. To cope with the devastating death of her mother from lung cancer, she launched a weekly e-newsletter called Tanya’s Tips. Her mother’s death awakened Tanya to cherish and maximize every moment of life. Jill Scott’s song “Golden” became her life theme and through the e-newsletter, Tanya empowers people to live the golden life by giving practical life Tips For Today That Will Transform Your Tomorrow! Tanya’s Tips has exploded into a  dose of life changing impartation that currently is distributed internationally in 16 states and in London, UK.

Tanya offers spirit filled yet sound ethical and bibilical teachings. Tanya graduated from Mercy Academy High School in 1988. She is an educator with the local school system since 1999, and has a diverse educational background. In 1998, she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Louisville. She also has completed two Master of Education (M.Ed) programs from University of Louisville in the disciplines of Special Education (2004) and School Counseling for grades K-12 (2013) and a finished requirements for Master of Science in Occupational Training & Development (2004). Tanya is also certified as a life coach through the Professional Women's Network (PWN) in 2008. 


Tanya's Master of Education in School Counseling Graduation 5/11/2013

Tanya and niece Emory


In 2007, Tanya released her 1st book entitled How To Deal With A Difficult Woman: A Survival Guide For Dealing With The Wackiest, Wishy-Washy and Worrisome Women In Your Life which made the Top 50 Black Christian Independent Publishers Bestsellers List for Non-fiction in March, April, May and October 2008 which the book cracked the Top 10.

This relationship realist released her sophomore project in summer 2008 entitled Relationship Reruns: How To Break The Cycle Of Choosing The Wrong People For The Right Relationships will discuss why and how people repeatedly engage in unwanted, unsatisfying and unhealthy relationships. Tanya will also be featured as a co-author in the Emotional Wellness For Women book compilation for the Professional Women’s Network was also released on March 28, 2008.

In 2009, Tanya released the follow up to her first book How To Deal With A Difficult Woman, entitled The 99 Males Who Make Your Life A Living Hell:  A Woman's Guide For Creating A Drama-Free Life While Dealing With Difficult Men Who Cause Strife.  Following her passion to empower people through her gift of writing, Tanya released her fourth book in 2010 entitled Girl, You Can Win:  The 10 Highly Essential Habits Of A Winning Woman.  Her 5th book, You Can't Quit Now:  How To Keep Going When You Really Feel Like Giving Up was released in September of 2013 and is receiving rave reviews. 

Tanya has had the opportunity to be featured in several regular print publications. In March 2007 and 2008, Tanya was one of the inductees in the Who's Who in Black Louisville Directory which showcases the accomplishments and achievements of individuals in the Louisville area.

In 2004, she was asked to write chapter 8 of the recently released book Dipped in Milk: Conversations Between an African-American Son and His Mother by Pandora Sears (www.dippedinmilk.com). Tanya has written for the St. Stephen Church Get Some Sense Month Devotionals in 2003 (days 16, 17, 18) and in 2005 (days 6-10).

Tanya was also featured in several magazine articles. In March 2008, Tanya was featured in Elect Lady Magazine in an article entitled 25 Beautiful and Successful Singles. She has also been feautred Today's Woman local magazine in an article entitled 'Wise Decisions' in the January 2003. In 2002, she was also nominated for a Today's Woman H.E.R award in the Wise Woman category. In February 2009, Tanya will grace the Today's Woman magazine again in an article entitled The Woman We Love.

Proud to be a ''daddy's girl'', Tanya was raised in a God fearing and supportive family along with her younger sister L'Dawn and younger brother Joe Jr. Her parents, the late Joe L. White Sr. (1944-1996) and the late Erma Jean White (1946-2005) taught her the importance of developing a strong moral character and professional work ethic, to value of education, generosity, unconditional love and helping those around you. Tanya currently resides in the Louisville area with her sister, brother, sister-in law, nephews Trey, Jordan and neice Emory.