SBS Bookclub Review

How To Deal With A Difficult Woman (Tanya White)
ISBN: 9781434303652 AuthorHouse 2007
Reviewed By Mashawn Mickels, President SBS Bookclub
Reviews Rating: 4 stars
November 2007


'How To Deal With A Difficult Woman' by Tanya White was right on the money. Everybody has some sort of difficult woman in your life. It might be a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a girlfriend, a fiancée, a friend, an aunt or maybe just a co-worker. In Tanya's book she shows you a number of ways of dealing with the many different types of difficult women out there. If you've ever had trouble dealing with someone, check out the book. This is your survival guide!!!! Thanks Tanya!!! -Mashawn Mickels-SBS Bookclub President, Columbia GA