APOOO Bookclub Review

How To Deal With A Difficult Woman (Tanya White)
ISBN: 9781434303652 AuthorHouse 2007
Reviewed By Angelia Menchan
APOOO Bookclub Reviews Rating: 3.5 stars
October 2007


How to Deal With a Difficult Woman by Tanya White is an interesting look at the different types of women in our lives and how we should deal with them. Ms. White profiles 55 female types and describes to us what makes up a type. Following the description is a short paragraph advising the reader how to deal with the type. I found the descriptive type sections to be accurate in many cases and the how to deal with sections to be based in common sense. The book was also divided into categories, such as Church Women, Work Women and Family women which allow readers to turn to the section which is of most interest.

While finding How to Deal with a Difficult Woman interesting and filled with common sense wisdom many of the characterizations could have been compiled. Also, I would have loved to have read first-person accounts of how people used these principles and how they worked for them. I recommend this guide to readers who enjoy practical self-help guides that provide them with basic rules, with a spiritual component. Written in less than one-hundred pages this guide can be taken along for quick reference.-Angelia Menchan, APOOO BookClub