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Bowling Green, Kentucky
*** (out of five)


Tips and strategies for dealing with a variety of ornery females. Speaker, life coach, and author Tanya White builds on her franchise with the release of her delightfully entertaining How to Deal With a Difficult Woman.

How to Deal With a Difficult Woman details the traits and odd behaviors of a variety of difficult, nutty, oblivious, self-centered, and sometimes down right nutty women. Interesting women such as 'Lying Leslie,' 'Hyper Helen', 'Snobby Sarah', and 'Absent Annie' are detailed within the pages of the book. Particularly humorous is the four headed monster combination of 'Hallelujah Helen', 'Praise the Lord Patty', 'Tongue Talking Tina', and 'Demon Casting Diana'. The antics of these four ladies could have the preacher running for his life.

Where How to Deal With a Difficult Woman shows its value is the advice that Tanya gives on how to deal with each particular personality. As a useful guide, How to Deal With a Difficult Woman is separated into seven chapters, each grouping a variety of similar behaving women together. The final chapter takes a different direction as Tanya describes the '7 of the Most Wonderful and Wise Women of Your Life.' This chapter details the traits of the seven women that women everywhere should strive to be.

The main drawback of How to Deal With a Difficult Woman is that it is much too short (only weighing in at 84 pages). With her intelligent and vivid writing style, this delightfully entertaining book could easily have its readers rolling on the floor for hours with more examples and anecdotes. The book will appeal to both men and women, primarily those who deal with many different types of people on a daily basis.