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WOW! Everyone needs to read this book! You will rewind and rejoice, but you will see yourself in one or more of the categories. This book has a definite flavor for a bestsellers list. Get ready to be released and empowered to victory in choosing the right relationships for the right reasons. Rev. Syvoskia Bray, Author of It’s In You: 12 Power Principles For Becoming the Woman God Called You To Be-Louisville, Kentucky, www.wenforum.org  

Tanya has outdone herself on this one! This is an awesome book. I told myself I'll read a little for 10 or 20 minutes, but I couldn’t put the book down! Relationship Reruns is very relevant material that readers will identify with on the pages no matter what type of relationship they are having trouble with. I absolutely loved it!-Pastor Jonathan K. Sanders, Columbus, Ohio , www.myspace.com/eldersanders1718   

Tanya White did it again! With her customary gift for vivid illustrations and a willingness to share personal experiences, she provides practical and timely advice concerning how we can avoid unfulfilling and often damaging relationships in every area of our lives. This is a must read!- Wynesia Dickerson, Assimilation & Discipleship Administrator Eastern Star Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

I'm reading your book but you should have told me it was a page turner. L'Tanya I got into this book in the late evening and begin to run past my bedtime. I didn't want to put it down. It is powerful!-Greg Stallworth, Author of Trapped:Without A Release Date, Cincinnati, Ohio www.emeraldentertainment.net  

Tanya’s new book Relationship Reruns helps us to see relationships in a creative, entertaining and honest way. Be prepared to laugh, cry and shout Hallelujah that Relationship Reruns will show you how to stop the vicious cycle of unhealthy relationships. Enjoy! -Julia Royston - Singer, Songwriter and Author of How Hot Is Your Love Life?: Return To Your First Love-Louisville, Kentucky , www.juliaroyston.com

In one episode of this awesome book, Tanya simply asks “Can you handle it?” The “It” being the truth about how and why we continue to end up in unproductive and toxic relationships. If you are tired of being in relationships that you know you should not be in, then read this book multiple times.-Teresa Williams, Louisville,Kentucky 

If you are tired of dealing with ruthless, merciless, or heartless individuals, then Relationship Reruns is for you! Tanya White steps on a few toes with this relationships reality check. This book is a must read if you want to have and maintain healthy relationships.- Laymon A. Hicks-Student Body President, Florida State University & Author of A Treasure Chest of Motivation: 8 Jewels of Wisdom for a Young Adult’s Success

YOU need to read Relationship Reruns! Within the pages of this book you will find a mirror which reflects unadulterated truth. May God give you the courage to see your life situations, as well as give you strength to change for real and for good!-Min. Jenohn LeShea Smith, Esq.- Fragile Heart Ministries, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

The relationship realist does it again! Relationship Reruns is one of the best in it's genre and Tanya White tells it exactly the way it is, snatching you from your delusional 'Fantasy Island' relationship and catapulting you into reality. Awesome!–Cherliyn Azibuke, Author of Weekly Wisdom: 52 Ways to Live a More Fulfilled Life- St. Louis, Missouri, www.unveilingthemask.com  

Why do I continue to have the same results when I try so hard to avoid them? Relationship Reruns spoke to me regarding the roots of problems in my personal relationships. Not only is Relationship Reruns a heartfelt walk through the Tanya’s relationship struggles with the truth, but as a reader you are compelled to journey into your own truth.- Evangelist Linda A. Hillman, Singles Pastor, Victory In Praise Church, Stockton California

Using well known characters and scenes from television shows and movies, Tanya has cleverly written an enlightening piece of literature. Not only does she share her own life experiences to validate her points, she allows her readers to revisit some of their favorite celebrities as well. Trisha Martin, Author , St. Louis, Missouri

I've never been one to settle for a piece of anything but in Relationship Reruns, Tanya White dispels the notion that you have to settle for less than God’s best when it comes to any relationship. If you want to healthy relationships you must first start with the man/woman in the mirror.- Cherliyn Azibuke, Author of Weekly Wisdom: 52 Ways to Live a More Fulfilled Life- St. Louis, Missouri, www.unveilingthemask.com  

Relationship Reruns Is Rated R For Being Real, Relevant and Refreshing!



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