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Donnica Copeland
APOOO Book Club
Sista Talk Book Club
Marietta, GA
4 out of 5 Stars
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Relationships are essential in a person's life. We were not intended to live this life alone. Tanya White does a great job giving tools for developing great relationships in Relationship Reruns. She addresses the subject of single women in America. It is OKAY. There are a great number of single women in America 'Waiting to Exhale.' She uses relevant examples of TV shows and movies to display the meaning of true friendship and relationships. She even tackles a way to have beneficial financial relationships.

People have to be intentional about the people they allow in their lives. They have to take responsibility for their situations. By understanding some key essentials, White believes that people can creative positive relationships.

Relationship Reruns is a fresh look into the age-old relationship battle. White approaches it in a way that is nonintrusive. It does not feel like a typical self-help book. I think everyone will enjoy this book and benefit from it in some way.