ISBN: 978-0-9816-8470-3 
RAWSISTAZ Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars
March 31, 2009 

As humans, we have a natural need to establish relationships with others. Each relationship we establish fulfills a different type of need. Other than family, those needs will usually fall into one of the following relationship categories: love connections, friendships, work-related relationships, Church connections, and business associates. The success or failure of these relationships can depend upon the mindset we possess about them.

The mindset can be affected by past relationships, expectations (real or imagined), attitudes and spirituality. When we fail to pay attention to the relationship patterns we establish, we run the risk of developing relationship reruns, which can be toxic. Tanya White points out how our negative actions and thinking lead to unsatisfying relationships. For instance, in our fear of being alone, we sometimes rush into an affiliation with the first person who comes along rather then waiting and it often turns out to be wrong for us. Thus begins the cycle of choosing the wrong people for relationships.

In RELATIONSHIP RERUNS: How to Break the Cycle of Choosing the Wrong People for the Right Relationship, White tells us if we want positive, satisfying relationships, we need to change our negative actions and thinking. She visits each of the five relationship areas giving us a sometimes humorous, but always candid display of some of our unsavory attempts at establishing them, which should resonate with each of us. She offers sage advice, as well as her personal experiences, chances at self-reflection and some very timely Christian guidance. She proposes for all relationships to be yourself, get over past hurts, do some investigative work and pay attention to people’s actions. Specifically she says, “When people show you who they really are believe them without excuses!” And, learning to say goodbye will yield some positive effects on future relationships.

RELATIONSHIP RERUNS is a relationship class in a book. White gives readers the strategies that allow them to be able to recognize and break the cycle of relationship reruns. Her writing is upbeat, searing and authoritative. I bought into her advice, finding it practical and easy to incorporate. For a knowledgeable and piercing look at your relationships and how to make them better, this book is one to have.

Reviewed by Brenda M. Lisbon of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers -------- Brenda M. Lisbon is an avid reader and a big supporter of school-sponsored reading activities for children in her community. She and her son reside in Bishopville, SC.