You Can't Quit Now Workshops


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You Can't Quit Now Workshops - Book Tanya for dates beginning in September 2013 to conduct one of these workshops based on her new book You Can't Quit Now for your group, conference or upcoming event. All workshops can also be keynotes or transformed into a ½ or 1-day retreat.  If you do not see a workshop that fits your needs, one can be customed designed for you.

  •  Quit Quitting Forever!  -  This workshop shop is designed to compel you to destroy the habit of quitting and develop a lifestyle of perseverance once and for all.  You will discover your Quitter Quotient (QQ), identify your primary fears of success and start reframing your mindset and lifestyle to quit quitting so that you can start finishing everything that you start.  
  • Stop “Whening” and Start Winning – When God When?  If you find yourself always asking when something will happen before you take action, then you will never win at anything you set out to achieve.  This workshop will help you to develop the patience and perseverance to continuously win instead of always “whening”.   

  • How to Rejoice in the Midst of Rejection – Although painful, rejection always leads you towards a new direction.  This workshop is designed to turn your sadness into gladness when it pertains to being rejected.  We will first examine the reasons why people reject you.  Next, we will help you to understand that you have absolutely no control over who rejects you or why they do it.  Finally, you will learn how to not resent those who reject you but rejoice that you are able to see them for who they are and respect their decision.  You will use their rejection as fuel not to quit so that you will persevere to finish your goals.
  • Stop Procrastinating and Start Persevering – Procrastination is the killer of success.  This workshop is designed to help you identify the causes of your procrastination, eliminate the care-takers of your procrastination from your inner circle of influence and implement a proactive perseverance plan of action. After this workshop, you will forever change your “I’m getting ready” attitude into “I’ve already done it” action.   
  • How to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You DownThe swift transitions and sudden tragedies of life can prompt you to not only throw in the towel on your goals and dreams, but can compel you to quit on life in general.  This workshop has been uniquely designed for those individuals who have the determination to keep going towards their dreams but because of the death of a loved, divorce, dissension and/or disappointments they have lost their drive to reach the finish line of their dreams. After this workshop, you will receive another level of healing that is sure to help you find the strength to get back up and keep going after life has knocked the wind out of you.    

  • How to L.E.A.P. Towards the Finish Line of Your Dreams – This workshop is designed for those who have been pursuing a goal for an extended amount of time without producing the results they planned for.  Instead of quitting, it just may be time to kick your plan into overdrive. We will reexamine your goals, revisit your strategic plan and rejuvenate your motivation.   After this workshop, you will be revved up to L.E.A.P. towards the finish line of your dreams.  You will develop unwavering focus, discipline and determination not to quit until you have obtained the results you planned for.   

  • How to Stop Allowing Your Issues to Become Your IdentityDo you constantly battle the “I’m not good enough” syndrome?  Are you frequently minimizing your dreams, ignoring opportunities for advancement and/or destroying divinely orchestrated relationships because you feel inferior around others who you deem have more education, money or influence than you? Do you find yourself living out the negative expectations, experiences and words spoken from influential people in your past?  Then you are allowing your issues to become your identity.  In this workshop, we will study the life of Mephibosheth from the bible and how he allowed a hurt from his past to hinder him from embracing the inherited blessings in his present and future.  After this workshop you will transform your Mephibosheth mindset and embrace a healthier and more confident self perception of who you are and what you can accomplish.  
  • Enough Is NOT Enough:  Letting Go of the Not Enough and Just Enough Mindsets to Embrace the More Than Enough Lifestyle – Jesus declared in John 10:10 that I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”. However, oftentimes your upbringing and circumstances will have you trapped living in the “not enough” and/or “just enough” mindsets even though God has literally blessed you emotionally, spiritually and financially with “more than enough” resources.  This workshop is designed to help you break the curses of holding on to the poverty mindsets and lifestyle.  You will no longer live as though you are struggling for the crumbs.  You will no longer be ashamed of your blessings.  You will no longer give your prosperity away to those who make you feel guilty for acquiring the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.  God wants you blessed beyond measure.  So do not minimize it with your “not enough” and “just enough” mindsets. You learn to finally live in the “more than enough” lifestyle without apology, compromise or shame.